Tips for using rooftop tent in a cozy camping

Please make your bedding in the tent

The wonderful thing about a rooftop tent is never having to make your bed. Simply leave it in your tent when you close it.

Have the heated

blanket in winter camping

Camping in a tent at subzero temperatures sounds crazy but with a heated blanket you will be so warm and toasty that you will never want to get out of bed.

Adopt desiccants to reduce moisture

Well, guys, just face it, waking up to your condensed breath dripping back on your face just is not fun. Except maintaining  your tent well-ventilated, hanging desiccants in your tent reduces moisture considerably. Leave the desiccants in your tent when you close it to absorb residual moisture and prevent bedding from becoming damp.

Prepare a brush for all camping equipment

No matter where you go camping, some element of nature is going to stick on your camping stuff and having a brush prevents the build up of dirt and grime. We mainly use this to brush leaves and dust off the base of our Annex before keeping it but have used it to get rid of ice and frost from our tent as well.

Remember to use the bungee cords to keep your tent easily

Provided you do behave like real campers, you may experience a lot of trouble trying to close your tent as the canvas keeps ballooning out, making it extra troublesome to stuff all the canvas back in. The bungee ropes are the good method to minimize that problem! Hook them on the rings by the side of the windows and it is done!


A portable air conditioner unit is a bigger investment, but you will definitely see the benefits. An air conditioner is a sure fire way that you can keep your rooftop tent cool – even in the most intense heat.

A small alternative to a full a/c system is mini evaporative cooler fan. An evaporative cooler requires water to produce cooler air, so it would just require refilling every few hours. An evaporative cooler does add humidity to the air, so it wouldn’t be a great solution for humid climates.

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